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Consultant optometrist, Anthony Liska (BOptom) is an experienced and certified orthok lens practitioner in Melbourne. Anthony completed his optometry degree at the University of Melbourne in 1995. Since then he has worked in many optometry practices, ranging from small independent optometry practices in country Victoria and NSW to large practices in Collins St Melbourne. Since 2000 Anthony has operated a number of optometry practices in Melbourne.

Anthony Liska is a certified and experienced optometrist to prescribe Paragon CRT (ortho-k) lenses to you. Anthony chooses to use the high quality brand Paragon CRT® therapeutic lenses which will gently and non-surgically reshape your corneas as you sleep.

Anthony Liska specialises in contact lens fitting, especially alternative vision correction by orthokeratology contact lenses. He is a member of the Orthokeratology Society of Oceania. Anthony also provides contact lens care programs and management for keratoconus hard lenses and general contact lenses.

   Anthony Liska for orthok vision correction Melbourne

Why do I need regular follow up consultations?
Any contact lens is a foreign body in the eye which interacts with your eye. For this reason they must be regularly monitored by your optometrist during aftercare visits to ensure that there are no complications and your eye's health are at their optimum.

During these visits, your consultant optometrist Anthony Liska will:
  • Check whether the lenses fit properly.
  • Check your vision and check that the contact lenses are still the correct optical power.
  • Check the contact lens for deposits and tears.
  • Check the surface of the eyes for scratches or reactions to contact lens wear.

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