Welcome to greater vision with ortho-k!

You will start experiencing better days simply by wearing ortho-k therapeutic lenses while you sleep. You are beginning an exciting program designed to reduce and/or eliminate your dependency on glasses or contact lenses during the day by reducing or eliminating your myopia (short sightedness).

Anthony Liska is a certified and experienced optometrist to prescribe Paragon CRT (ortho-k) lenses to you. Anthony chooses to use the high quality brand Paragon CRT® therapeutic lenses which will gently and non-surgically reshape your corneas as you sleep.

As part of your ortho-k management we have included a Client Care Kit which provides you with:
  • A paragon CRT Care and handling CD-ROM
  • Ortho-k Service Agreement to be signed and returned
  • Lens case
  • One set of ortho-k lenses
  • Carry bag with Anthony's business card
  • Free samples
  • Presentation folder:
  • A range of brochures and FAQs to inform you about ortho-k
  • 2 x Refer a friend cards with redeemable vouchers for you!
  • Lens care and handling instruction card
  • Small flyer to explain and share with your friends and family about your experience with ortho-k

You can also download copies of our brochures, how much does ortho-k cost, ortho-k FAQs and Lens handling and instructional card at any time.
Refer a friend to ortho-k

  Orthok brochure

Ortho-k brochure

FAQs orthokeratology

Ortho-k FAQs

PDF download refit

Price plan Ortho-k refit

    Orthok lens care

Orthok lens care info

  PDF download year 2 wearer

Price plan year 2+ ortho-k

PDF download first time wearer

Price plan 1st Ortho-k user

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