Ortho-K vs Laser Refractive Surgery (LASIK), what are some of the disadvantages and risks?

“For people with unstable vision, Ortho-K is an option when LASIK surgery is not. Most of the time people who have LASIK are very happy with the outcome. However, those who aren't happy cannot reverse the surgical procedure and go back to how they were previously. With Ortho-K the process will reverse itself when OrthoK is discontinued.”

Disadvantages of using Ortho-K

Same risks as for other contact lens wearers-

  • Need to maintain high hygeine standards to reduce risks of eye infection such as conjunctivitis and keratitis.
  • Long-term wear of any contact lens, or many years of wear, can affect the structure of the corneal endothelium (polymegethism). This was mainly a problem with old style contact lenses. Modern contact lenses are designed to breathe so they do not cause such problems in most people.
  • The ortho-k effect only works while you are doing the procedure. If you cease ortho-k, your eyes return to normal.
Disadvantages of using LASIK surgery

  • Permanently alters the eye by burning parts of the cornea away with a laser. However, this does not mean that vision will be good permanently. Vision can still change and glasses may be required again a few years later.
  • Common complications with LASIK or refractive eye surgery are glare sensitivity and dry eyes.
  • Cutting of the flap during the procedure cuts through corneal nerves which may supply information about whether the eye is dry. This is believed to be a cause of dry eyes.

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Reduce shortsightedness in teens with ortho-k Children who have fast progression of myopia often wear ortho-k lenses during the ages of greatest myopia progression. When they are older they can discontinue ortho-k and their myopia will be at a lower level than it would have been without ortho-k wear.

Refractive surgery is an option at an adult age, simply discontinue wear of the lenses and the eyes return to their normal state.

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