Do you suffer from dry eyes or discomfort from contact lenses?

No more dry eyes

Many of my clients have found that they suffer dry eyes while wearing contact lenses, or when working for long periods without blinking, such as in front of a computer, watching tv, sitting in airconditioned rooms or offices.

Also, people who wear contact lenses for too long or for many years or spend time in dry smokey environments, can get dry eyes, discomfort and irritation.

“Make life without eye glasses and daytime contacts a reality.”

You may have discontinued wearing contact lenses due to dryness or discomfort, however, because ortho-k lenses are only worn at night, there is a good chance that you will still succeed with Ortho-K. Dry eye is reduced because you are not wearing daytime contact lenses, meaning your eyes are receiving more oxygen to help maintain optimum eye health.

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